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With terrorwarn you can protect yourself from terrorist attacks and other threats. terrorwarn has access to your location and warns you instantly when you are moving into a dangerous area. If you witness a dangerous situation you can send an alert to warn other users who are using the terrorwarn app. terrorwarn does not depend on official state instances like the police, it is also user based and therefore faster than traditional warning systems. After every alert terrorwarn asks you if you want to make an emergency call. This feature also uses location services to determine the location of the user to find the national emergency for the country in that the user is located. Especially for tourists this feature can be very practical, because there is no international emergency number standard. Check out the live demo on the left.

Report dangers - protect lives. With just one click, you can report suspicious activity, and protect others from danger.

Use the 3D-Maps to place accurate alerts.

Be always up to date, and avoid danger areas.


terrorwarn is crowd-sourced and runs fully automatically. This means that terrorwarn can provide independent and fast alerts without being denpendent on state bureaucracy. Our algorithm clusters incoming alerts to find"alert focus points". When given parameters like alert-depth or user-variety are fulfilled the algorithm triggers an alert. All devices that are closer than 2km are going to be notified immediately with a push notfication from terrorwarns backgroundguard. All other devices get notified after a human has verified the alert. This ensures that all alerts are fast but also trustworthy.


terrorwarn will be soon available on the iOS AppStore. Download our press kit with app icons, videos and mockups.